Shannon Wang Art



WeIrD Things to know:

My last name is oddly Norwegian. 

I'm not a fan of most cheeses or coffee- I realize some of you will close this page now and I've already lost your trust.... I get it , I'm sorry. 

I'm a huge music fan- Morrissey & Jack White top the list

I'm obsessed with Betty White

I have a growing collection of items from Waldorf MD (Stardust Inn, Wigwam etc.)  and 80's action figures.

me and mural.PNG

After graduating from the Maryland College of Art & Design formerly in Silver Spring MD, I have worked throughout the DC area. I've worked for the Discovery Channel making larger than life window displays, been honored to be on the show Curb Appeal on HGTV as the designer on a row house in DC. Most recently my partner and I opened up Shop 53 Tattoo & Art Studio in La Plata, MD. My studio space is in the shop along with an Art Gallery highlighting MD, DC, & VA artists with themed shows. 

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